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If the recyclable materials management in your company is important to you, Mak-Pol will support you in finding the best way to do it. We help mid-sized and big companies, which generate waste goods such as: paper, cardboard, newspapeers and various kinds of plastics.

If your company is:

a printing-house
a production or services company
a wholesaler
a local community office
a public office
an office
a school

Mak-Pol as a local partner that understands the reality of leading a company and recycling management in Poland, will help you to solve your waste materials management issues.

Benetifs for you:

outsourcing recyclable resources management process
opportunity to concentrate on a core business activities of your company
ROI from reduction of costs related to waste materials management
effective recyclable resources management
active support for the natural environment

Business partners will receive:

highest quality sorted waste paper and plastic materials
delivery of the product in an expected form (in big bags, loose, pressed,)
flexible cooperation model
high responsiveness and professionality

We have car scales up to 60 tons and our constantly improving industry park is ready to take unexpected surpluses of the resources.

 About us

Your trusted recycling advisor

The company Mak-Pol Grzegorz Schindler located near Wrocław has been present on the recycling industry since 20 years. Specialises in waste paper and synthetic materials recycling.
Currently, our customers receive support in waste materials receipt, professional shredding and sorting. Middle size and big printing houses and other companies, which as an additional effect of their business activity need to recycle a significant about of waste materials and the customers that without any doubt will take an advantage from Mak-Pol’s experience.
Our business partners, such as paper mills, can count on regular supply of sorted and pressed materials. An average monthly throughput is between 700 and 2 000 tons.
An innovative equipment, newly built buildings, car weights and an perfectly fitted to such business activity area ensure comfort and suitable infrastructure to our customers and business partners supporting long-term cooperation.
Since 2015 a new investment backed with EU’s Regional Funds Program has been taking place. The aim of it is ecoinvest in technology of waste materials.

Taking care of the natural environment, you help your company

Connect taking care of the natural environment with thinking about benefits for your company by starting a cooperation with Mak-Pol. You want to actively participate in undertakings improving understanding and engagement of natural environment protection? Are you ineterested in using waste materials in your company more effectively? We will show you how to bring a positive impact on the natural environment at the same time increasing an effectiveness of your company management. The outsourcing of selection, receival and refactoring of waste paper or synthetic materials will give you an opportunity to concentrate on core business activities of your company.


Your waste paper and synthetic materials are collected directly from your company. We take care of their management enabling reusage. We take the responsibility of your waste materials management off your shoulders by advising on how to utilise your recyclabe materials the most effectively and selecting of the most suitable cooperation model.


We specialise in waste papers and plastic materials management.

Details regarding the waste materials we work with:

Waste paper


cardboard: 1.04, 1.02

newspapers, leaflets

newspapers, leaflets: 1.11,  2.09

printing houses products and by-producst

printing houses products and by-producst: 3.02, Multidruk

precious categories

precious categories: 3.18.01, 3.05, 3.04

Plastic/synthetic materials

stretch, foil, plastic bags

LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE (stretch, foil,  plastic bags)

plastic cases, bottle caps

PP (BIG BAGS, plastic cases, bottle caps, buckets, garden furniture)


PET (bottles)

household chemicals

HDPE household chemicals , bańki 1-20 litrów, beczki, rury wodociągowe i gazowe, płyty, zbiorniki i zderzaki samochodowe)

PC, ABS, PC/ABS (water distributors, CDs, RTV, AGD parts

PC, ABS, PC/ABS (water distributors, CDs, RTV, AGD parts







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